Sunday, June 8, 2014

Actor in the Mirror Act 2

Hi dimmed the lights and pushed the chair away from the mirror. He wanted to stand there. 
"But why ?"
I think its time. The demons are getting better of me. I m not the same. I sense defiance inside. I feel a rebel breaking my spirit. Its the monster coming out I think. 
"What went wrong"
Smirk said the script 
That's y may be angels are worshiped. You can let them out. Let them possess you. Try that with demons once. 
You are not the same person anymore.
"You still haven't answered me"
You see Love is an equation of angel and demons. And true love is equilibrium. I am a person who believes in equilibrium but there is too much of devil in me. Once unleashed it'll destroy the good in me. 
There won't be any angels, just monsters. 
That's why I want to leave. The good in me is already consumed,  what's left is pure evil. I don't want to them to question their choice.
"They'll understand"
He switched the lights off, and then there were monsters.

Actor in the Mirror Act 1

Act 1
He got up and emptied his ashtray into trashcan. His feet still wobbled, so did his mind. The bottle was empty by now. "I have to leave" he said. 
But you promised that you'll never. 
Yes, I did. Its strange you see, what once seemed to be the right thing to do, is no longer relevant. Circumstantial. Its all circumstantial. Love, religion, faith. Even you being here. 
"I'll be always there with you. I can't leave no matter what", said the voice.
See, that's exactly what I said years ago. I am telling you its circumstantial. Things change, people change and so does reality.  Its simple mathematics. Add a variable into an equation and it changes everything. 
Reality is perceived, by our own mind. We create our own realm of realities and we live in them all our lives. Reality is also circumstantial. What seemed real back then  now seems unreal, to the same mind in different circumstances.

He looked into the mirror, and found himself sitting on the chair. He was right when he said he'll always be there with him.

He glanced at the script. He didn't miss a dialogue today.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Is it

It must be called Atonement. Is it? Karma comes back, they say, in this life. Good comes first or the bad?
Bad exponential and Good diminished? When Karma crosses you it must remind you of something. 
Karma is not in isolation. Or is it?
Atonement is a karma, good or bad? for actions or for thoughts?
it will cross you, often.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Oh we meet again

Oh we meet again... Have we met ??? Yes yes we have... Just the other day I talked about you... You must be sound sleep right... 

Oh yes you are.... How can I forget you ... We haven't met for years now... Remember the day wen metal met metal... I believe since then ... But leave it... Its not your fault... 
Oh  I have waited for you ...
for years now

We kissed

 It rained.... And there we stood soaking...wondering is this the moment? We looked into each other's eyes. Yes it has to be. And then we kissed for the last time. It didn't feel the same, there was more to it. It had the joy of being together and the pain of separation. 

That's my side of story

That's my side of story
No I did not fall in love with you at first sight

It started slowly ... Gradually ... And it's been the same today .. Every day I fall in love with you.. Still 

It rained

It seemed that God was doing the crying for us
As if telling us, it ends here. 
This was all I wrote of a story of you two being together.

And we knew it, just when it rained. 

Silence me

Silence me 
silence my thoughts
Don't let them reach you 
don't let them get out of my head 
Stop me
Don't let me speak
Tell me the truth 
Give me my peace back 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Short lived

It was short ... 
It was sweet... 
But it was not meant to be ... 
It Was forever still  had its life.... 
It was immortal yet mortal ..
What remains of it, is me, the same me
What's missing is u, the different u...
Forever and ever is nothing ...
Infact nothing is forever and ever ... 
U nd me ... Me and you... 
We had something that was short and sweet ... 
Short lived with sweet pain

i know

I know how it's gonna end... 
One of us would walk away ... 
And one of us would stand and watch the other one leave... 
And when we do it we'll do it with a smile and probably with a hug too .. 
We'll tell each other that I am gonna miss you..
and in that moment we'll relive the years that we spent together ... .. 
We'll remember the fights first and then the Smiles .. 
We'll remember the walk .... The phone calls the messages ... 
We'll have to do it at they very moment ... ... 
We are gonna look into each other's eyes ... 
And when they'll meet we'll look away .....
We'll live it all in that one moment because deep inside we'll know 
This ends here ... 
And when  all this is done.. and one of us had  left...
We'll utter  ... I love you