Sunday, May 4, 2014

Is it

It must be called Atonement. Is it? Karma comes back, they say, in this life. Good comes first or the bad?
Bad exponential and Good diminished? When Karma crosses you it must remind you of something. 
Karma is not in isolation. Or is it?
Atonement is a karma, good or bad? for actions or for thoughts?
it will cross you, often.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Oh we meet again

Oh we meet again... Have we met ??? Yes yes we have... Just the other day I talked about you... You must be sound sleep right... 

Oh yes you are.... How can I forget you ... We haven't met for years now... Remember the day wen metal met metal... I believe since then ... But leave it... Its not your fault... 
Oh  I have waited for you ...
for years now

We kissed

 It rained.... And there we stood soaking...wondering is this the moment? We looked into each other's eyes. Yes it has to be. And then we kissed for the last time. It didn't feel the same, there was more to it. It had the joy of being together and the pain of separation. 

That's my side of story

That's my side of story
No I did not fall in love with you at first sight

It started slowly ... Gradually ... And it's been the same today .. Every day I fall in love with you.. Still 

It rained

It seemed that God was doing the crying for us
As if telling us, it ends here. 
This was all I wrote of a story of you two being together.

And we knew it, just when it rained. 

Silence me

Silence me 
silence my thoughts
Don't let them reach you 
don't let them get out of my head 
Stop me
Don't let me speak
Tell me the truth 
Give me my peace back