Sunday, June 8, 2014

Actor in the Mirror Act 1

Act 1
He got up and emptied his ashtray into trashcan. His feet still wobbled, so did his mind. The bottle was empty by now. "I have to leave" he said. 
But you promised that you'll never. 
Yes, I did. Its strange you see, what once seemed to be the right thing to do, is no longer relevant. Circumstantial. Its all circumstantial. Love, religion, faith. Even you being here. 
"I'll be always there with you. I can't leave no matter what", said the voice.
See, that's exactly what I said years ago. I am telling you its circumstantial. Things change, people change and so does reality.  Its simple mathematics. Add a variable into an equation and it changes everything. 
Reality is perceived, by our own mind. We create our own realm of realities and we live in them all our lives. Reality is also circumstantial. What seemed real back then  now seems unreal, to the same mind in different circumstances.

He looked into the mirror, and found himself sitting on the chair. He was right when he said he'll always be there with him.

He glanced at the script. He didn't miss a dialogue today.

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